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  • Etude’s simple, unlined,pared-down made to measure curtains in linen fabric have an airy feel of relaxed informality. The medium weight will allow the curtains to hang perfectly, will guard your privacy, while still allowing the light into the house. The subtle play of light and shadow provides a feeling of peace and contentment.

    • 100% Linen
    • Density 160g/m2
    • Colours:
      • Natural Linen
    • Headings:
      • Single Pleat
      • Eyelets Heading
  • The safest and most efficient way to clean your curtains is to vacuum them in situ with a clean vacuum or dry clean only .

  • Bespoke curtains may take between three and four weeks to arrive.

  • Made to order curtains are non-refundable/non-returnable. We will accept returns and full or partial refunds if there is a significant problem with the quality of manufacture or faults with the fabric. We cannot accept returns in situations where we have been given incorrect measurements.



Our medium to heavy weight pure linen curtains have a slightly translucent look and creates an airy feel of relaxed informality. They will filter light in a very sensual way.

When deciding on draperies, always overestimate the length for a more rich result that allows the fabric panels to graze the floor and keep the focus on the soft vertical folds of the drapery.

For a sophisticated look, keep the hardware simple and tailored, using either oversized metal rings with a metal rod threading through them or the classic seven-inch pinch pleat with a wood rod and round wooden rings. Simplicity is the best approach when choosing a plain colour enhanced with a distinctive weave or texture.

Etude’s simple pared down unlined curtains sub-due the light and guard your privacy.

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