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    • Material: 100% Linen
    • Width: 150 cm
    • Density:
      • 100g/m2
      • 110g/m2
      • 125g/m2
      • 130g/m2
    • Colours:
      • Natural Linen
      • White
      • White/ Natural Melange
    • Headings
      • Single Pleat
      • Eyelets Heading
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  • We always recommend dry cleaning our blankets as stated on the labels. However, it is possible to wash on a delicate cycle with a detergent specific for wool in cold water

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The translucent quality of sheer linen and the way they diffuse daylight make them appealing for any shape of window. Light filtering through sheer fabric and playing upon their surface gives them a diaphanous beauty.

Their translucence creates an entrancing air of mystery that simply adds to their allure.

The translucence quality of fine fabric means that you can see layer through layer, which creates a sense of depth. Colours can be mixed to create a richer tone. In this way you can create a wealth of shades.

Sheers demand much less fuss to show them off to their best advantage. Curtains look their best when used as a simple billowing banner. Gathering the fabric does not improve the look of clean simplicity that is the curtains essence. Sheer fabrics simply need to be cut a little wider than the window to allow for some movement. The lightweight quality of sheer fabric offer alternative ways to drape that would be impossible with any other fabric.

We offer a range of sheers in different weights in the colour white along with neutral shades.

So let in the light… into your home through windows dressed in sheer fabrics

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