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My choice of products are inspired by the natural world, where colour shades, patterns, textures and scents enabling customers to share my vision, allowing them to create their own relaxed and comfortable home environment. In turn this will hopefully provide physical and emotional pleasure, whilst creating an atmosphere of calm.

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In tune with style

Why 'etude'?

April 03, 2015

Etude piano

When I moved all my belongings to England I was toying with the idea transporting my beautiful white piano, sadly the cost and logistics meant I had to leave it behind. I arrived back to my new home in England, where to my surprise a 100 year old piano was waiting for me in the hall. My future husband, a wonderful English gentlemen had organised it for me, a purchase from charity shop for five pounds.

It was honky tonk and wobbled on one side but once tuned it was adequate for me to practice my etude’s which are short musical compositions, designed as an exercise to improve solo musical skills.


Etude in Tune with Style

March 22, 2015

Following my instincts during 2011, I left my city life in my homeland near the Baltic sea to pursue my children who had a few years earlier embarked on their search for a new life adventure in London.

After only a few months in this wonderful cosmopolitan city my life took completely different direction from that I had envisaged. My journey home from part time job took me from Edgware Road tube station via Oxford Circus to Tottenham in North London. On this particular day a chance subterranean meeting would change the direction of my life. This encounter would take me father North of London where for the last four years I have lived in an extended Victorian cottage in the middle of fields, surrounded by the beautiful English country side where every morning I wake up to different skies, birds singing in the spring and views over green pastures with grazing sheep.