April 03, 2015

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Etude does not follow fashion or trends, aiming instead for longevity of use, with the intention to demonstrate virtuosity in style, while appreciating the wonders of nature.

We are focused on sourcing a unique fusion of design coupled with the skilled manufacturing of natural materials encompassing an emphasis on a monochrome palette, simplicity, quality and timeless style.

Etude's philosophy is "The product has to feel as good as it looks".



Why 'etude'?

When I moved all my belongings to England I was toying with the idea transporting my beautiful white piano, sadly the cost and logistics meant I had to leave it behind. I arrived back to my new home in England, where to my surprise a 100 year old piano was waiting for me in the hall. My future husband, a wonderful English gentlemen had organised it for me, a purchase from charity shop for five pounds. It was honky tonk and wobbled on one side but once tuned it was adequate for me to practice my etude’s which are short musical compositions, designed as an exercise to improve solo musical skills.

It seems to me if you wish to be good in anything you need practice and concentrate on a subject in order to achieve your ambitions. That is how the name of my business came to my mind. Hence the use of 'Etude'.


The Honky Tonk Piano with Enthusiastic Player

1 Comment

Nerile ir Mindaugas
Nerile ir Mindaugas

June 10, 2015

We so proud of you, it all looks amazing

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